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Our Chef

Kirk Ella born John Robinson has spent nearly a decade alongside top chefs including around 2 years working with Germain Schwab in the former 2 Michelin starred Winteringham Fields. John also worked in Scotland at a large country house as well as spending a year in New Zealand on the iconic Auckland Harbour. ‘Working both locally and internationally has meant that I have gained experience in many different areas of cooking. Working in New Zealand was a real learning experience and was, to an extent, almost like starting all over again as I worked with chefs skilled in sushi, using fish from totally different waters and fruit and vegetables from a different climate.

‘Here at the restaurant we are trying to offer a different style of food to the Beverley area. By making everything on site, offering a complimentary appetiser and demonstrating a real eye for detail we hope that the dining experience we offer exceeds your expectations in every way.’

We try to buy as much meat on the bone including whole deer and rare breed pigs and lambs. Fish also comes in whole (where possible). This enables us to use all the trimmings and bones to make wonderful stocks used in all our sauces. Buying locally where possible, the emphasis really is on offering the best food available.


‘An enthusiastic chef-owner runs this small restaurant…ambitious modern cooking is delivered in 4 and 9 course surprise menus.’


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