Cornona Virus precautions.

The corona virus has hit everyone hard but our aim as a restaurant is to obtain your confidence when eating out with us. We took the opportunity of the forced closure to fully refurb our kitchen, dining room and toilets which compliments our recently opened upstairs lounge areas where pre dinner drinks and canap├ęs could be taken. (sadly we are not opening them again straight way as we will be wanting diners to go straight to their tables due to the social distancing measures we have put in place.

Below is a list of some of the changes we have made to ensure your visit to us is as safe as possible. please note this list is not exclusive but simply to act as a snap shot of some of the main points we have addressed and this list is subject to change as new rules and regulations come into play and new information obtained.

  • Staff temperatures to be taken on arrival and self assessment before shift commence.
  • We may look to introduce taking customer temperatures on arrival if we feel its necessary.
  • Hand sanitiser to British standard available on entry and a bottle on each table also.
  • Staff wearing masks and appropriate PPE.
  • Customer contact information taken inline with track and trace guidance.
  • Larger tables have been installed (using the finest reclaimed Yorkshire oak) to help with social distancing.
  • Dining room capacity reduced.
  • Each table to be installed with a ‘side table’ where a tray will be placed with the dishes on for the diner to then move on to their place setting thus meaning staff don’t have to get too close.
  • Wine to be opening in a back room rather than the dining room reducing staff time spent at tables.
  • Wine to be poured by diners.
  • Wine lists to be available on qr code. (disposable ones available on request)
  • No wine glasses to be stored in dining room / public areas unless behind cupboard doors.
  • Staff to work in bubbles where possible.
  • Kitchen and dining room redesigned to help with socail distancing between staff.
  • customer coats to be hung seperate to other tables and not in the dining room.